4 Signs There Is Something Wrong With Your Faucet Water in Arvada

September 10, 2021
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Jet Plumbers

Arvada  municipally-sourced tap water is generally very safe to drink, but it doesn't mean you should not trust yourself. There are a few reasons why even the most meticulously processed and filtered water may seem unclean for you. Water may even become polluted after it's processed, while it's moving through your home's pipes.

It's easy to get paranoid about your drinking water. The moment you feel like something's wrong with it, you really feel as though you are able to taste the difference. Before you know it, you are too freaked out to utilize your tap at all. The best way to prevent that unpleasant feeling is to figure out about your water for sure. We are going to let you to get started. These are just four simple ways that you can tell if there's something wrong with your tap water.

It Looks Cloudy

Tap water that has been properly cleaned should always look clear. If your water appears cloudy or"milky," don't use it. Instead, set it aside for a couple minutes to see if the cloudiness dissipates. If it does eventually apparent, then a benign build-up of trapped air probably generated the cloudiness you saw. Pressurized water holds air bubbles inside it. After the pressure releases because the water flows from your faucet, then the atmosphere escapes into the water.

Cloudy water may also be a indication your tap water is too"hard." Hard water includes heavy minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals are not always dangerous, but they cloud your water. In case you have a water heater and see cloudy water, make sure it's working properly. Cloudy water can also mean your water delivery pipes have sand or dirt in them. If you think that may be the case, you need to give us a call right away in Arvada.

It Tastes Metallic

This is only one of the most common problems impacting home water supplies. If the problem is severe enough, your water may even look rusty or discolored. Unsurprisingly, the most likely reason your water tastes metallic is since it... has metal in it! Especially, deposits of iron, zinc, or manganese probably invisibly into your water. Metallic deposits normally float into your water once it's already been treated, so nothing prevents them from becoming to you.

If only your warm water tastes metallic, then it's possible that the water heater might be the problem. Flush your water heater to see if this removes of the smell. If all of your water tastes metallic, then your own water supply pipes might be rusted or corroded. As water travels through corroded pipes, it shears off tiny flakes of metal. Have a specialist wash and inspect your supply pipes ASAP. We will be able to determine what the issue is and how to fix it.

It Smells Jet Plumbers Arvada Colorado

Treated tap water shouldn't ever odor. If it does, then it probably means something's on your water which shouldn't be. Different water contaminants create different weird smells. The same minerals that produce your water taste metallic can make it odor metallic. Algae blooms in the water supply can produce a lingering musty or moldy smell. Bacteria in your water heater may produce a gross rotten egg odor. Too much water softener salt produces a sour smell.

After you discover what your water smells like, you can figure out the best method to address the problem. If your water smell like metal or sulfur, for instance, then you need to flush your water heater. If your water smells salty, then try turning down your water heater. Solving a musty smell by yourself may be more difficult. Look your water supplier to find out if they have said anything about algae in the area. You could also thoroughly clean out your taps. If your water smells like something different (chlorine, dirt, etc.), let us know.

It Leaves Stains or Scum Fixing

Tap water shouldn't ever leave behind any sort of residue or stain. If your tap water stains sinks or tubs or leaves behind chalky substance, then something is wrong with it. The most frequent type of blot your tap water may leave behind appears brownish or orange-ish. These stains are a sign that aluminum or iron residue leached to your own water. Your water distribution pipes might have gotten rusted, clogged, or corroded.

The chalky residue your tap water can leave behind is composed of magnesium and calcium. It's a indication that your water is too hard. Whether your tap water is staining or leaving behind scum, you need to begin by checking your water softener. In case your softener is working correctly, then the problem is probably your supply pipes. Supply pipes rust or corrode naturally over time, particularly if your water's hard. Consider getting your plumbing replaced to fix the problem permanently.

This isn't a comprehensive list of everything that may be wrong with your tap water. If you don't see your problem here, it doesn't mean you do not have an issue. Do not panic, but don't dismiss your suspicions, either. The sooner you get closure about your potential water issue, the better you will feel.

If you want to have that closed straight away, give Jet Plumbers Arvada Colorado a telephone. Our specialists can figure out what's wrong with your own water and propose the least appropriate fix. You shouldn't ever need to fret about whether or not your water is clean enough to drink. Give us a call and we'll put your worries to rest.