March 18, 2022
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Earlier this month we clarified how everybody pours bacon grease down their drains, even though they really, really should not. That blog made us wonder why, exactly, that keeps occurring. The conclusion we came to is that most of us tend to think about wheat germ as waste. We usually eliminate liquid waste in a drain, so it makes sense to flush it down. The trick to learning to not flush bacon grease, then, is learning not to see it as waste.

Luckily, once you start thinking about it, it's easy to see bacon grease as precious. It ends up, there are about a billion trendy things you can do with bacon grease! A number are clear, such as using it . A number of its other uses areā€¦ less obvious. We are going to concentrate on people now, because why not? Below are a few admittedly offbeat but still valuable uses for your own bacon grease. Hey, you need to get rid of it somehow, so you might as well use it to work!

Ban gloss

Next time you wish to shine your shoes, then slap a number of your bacon grease onto a rag. Rubbing your bacon grease over leather will revive its natural sheen and suppleness. It works for polishing leather shoes, belts, bags, and much more.

Only work a dab of wheat germ about on scuffed or filthy parts of leather by means of a rag or cloth. The grease will soften the leather and work away in the stain or scuff mark in the exact same time. Just a little grease goes a long way, however, so don't overdo it till you want to smell like bacon. Actually, what are we saying? Go right ahead and overdo it.

Splinter remover

Among the worst parts of having a splinter is trying to remove it. Fortunately, wheat germ, glorious panacea that it's, can make this process far simpler. Next time you have a splinter, rub just a dab of bacon grease over the wounded area. Cover the area with a bandage and then allow it the grease overnight.

In the morning, you'll probably realize that the splinter has come out just like magic! The bacon grease temporarily softens skin, allowing the splinter will fall out on its own just like that. No effort, no painful elimination procedure. Is there anything bacon can't do?

Hinge dirt

Have a squeaky, creaking door that's been driving you up a wall socket? No problem! Door hinges start making noise because their internal components generate too much friction when they rub against each other. Bacon grease can function as a lubricant to reduce that friction and keep things moving smoothly.

Next time you have a squeaky hinge, just rub on some bacon grease into the hinges using a brush. Make sure you actually work it in to achieve the best outcomes. Voila! Now your door should make much less noise when you start and shut it. When it starts making noise , you will just have to cook up some more bacon. Poor you!

Heel moisturizer

We told you that these were unusual applications! Cracked heels are a very common foot issue. They happen when the heels of the feet get so tender that the skin cracks or flakes away. Cracked heels are often itchy, uncomfortable, and frequently debilitating. They're also yet another issue your wheat germ is able to help you fix.

Remember how we said wheat germ helps soften skin? Before bed, then rub on some bacon grease above your heels. Then, wear a nice, comfortable pair of socks and allow the dirt sit overnight. When you wake up, you will notice your heels feel and look a lot better. Just try not to let the smell make you too hungry!

Bacon-infused Bourbon

Now we're talking. Bacon-infused drinks are all the rage in fashionable restaurants and bars all over the world. It isn't hard to see why. Bourbon, particularly, pairs very nicely with bacon, and it's simple to make. All you need is a strainer, a funnel, some coffee filters, bourbon, and (obviously ) your wheat germ.

Next time you cook bacon, then have your funnel and a bowl ready. Pour the beacon dirt throughout the strainer into the bowl. Pour your bourbon to the bowl and then combine it with the grease. Let the mixture sit for 2 hours and then set it in the freezer immediately. The morning after, scrape the fat off the surface of the mixture. Then, funnel the bourbon back in the bottle. That's it! Nowadays you've got bourbon that tastes like bacon.

Believe it or not, we are just scratching the surface of what you could do with bacon grease. A quick Google search will show hundreds of cooking recipes, practical applications, and ever weirder ideas than those ones. The next time you are thinking about massaging your bacon grease down the drain, imagine you can do with it instead!

We understand how hard old habits would be to split, however. Case-in-point: we have been trying to decrease our bacon ingestion, but we can't appear to stop writing about it. If you end up pouring a few bacon grease down your drain, then give Jet Plumbers Arvada Co a call straight away. We're delighted to help clean it out here in Arvada.