March 25, 2022
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A pool of dirty water rising at your feet through a shower. A few inches of used water full of food chunks when you are burning clean dishes at the kitchen sink. A back up of spit water in the bathroom sink when you are brushing your teeth.

Though a clogged drain might not seem like a major deal (more likely a small annoyance) if left untreated -- or treated improperly, it can lead to bigger plumbing conditions that may make a mess of your pipes and your property. Most likely you've undergone a leaky drain before and have resolved the issue by deploying a bottle of Drano, or such. However, according to the experts, those harsh substances you are pouring down your drain might be doing more damage than good.

Before you endeavor to undertake a stubborn clog on your own, take a look at 5 of the most frequent drain cleaning performances, and get some guidance from the pros on what to do instead.

"You do not have to use a drain strainer."

A drain strainer will save you from losing valuable cargo down the drain. If that is not enough to convince you to acquire a drain strainer, get this--individuals obviously lose 50-100 strands of daily. You are most likely to lose much more hair than that if lathering up in the shower. The more individuals, especially with long hair, using a shower, the quicker the hair will build up. Drain strainers are effective at preventing a majority of the unpleasant (and generally foul smelling) hair clog.

"Flushable wipes will not clog the toilet."

There are many brands of wipes that advertise themselves as"flushable," however, that might not always be the case. Flushable wipes can take more than a half an hour to dissolve, compared to toilet paper, which takes about eight seconds, according to this research. Flushable wipes should be treated just like diapers and be thrown away in the garbage. This will prevent further clogging in your drains, private sewer laterals, municipal pumps, and public sewer mains.

"Harsh compounds work well."

Pouring liquid drain cleaning compounds down your pipes pipes may cause more damage than you might think. . Hydrochloride acid is the main chemical used in commercial cleaning solutions; this unpleasant compound sits in your pipes and may gnaw away at them. Not to mention it may chew off expensive finishes and enamel, destroying the aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen. In addition, should the clog were generated by an issue in the sewer line along with a broken pipe, a compound cleaner could not have any influence on the problem anyways.

"Use just two distinct kinds of chemicals."

For those who shouldn't utilize one drain-cleaning compound at one time, you definitely shouldn't use two different types. Mixing chemical drain cleaners can cause a dangerous reaction. If you have used substances before obtaining help from a plumber, then make sure you let your plumber understand in order to protect him/her and your dwelling.

"You can fix it yourself."

While there are a few viable at home remedies that can help for small clogs, it's ideal to contact the professionals. Ignoring or attempting to mend modest clogs can result in even larger clog issues. If a toilet is clogged just from flushing too much toilet paper, you can usually fix the problem by means of a plunger. Otherwise, clogs could result from a variety of items: shrub roots working their way to your houses' plumbing, broken pipes, food build up that has congealed over time, difficulty with the sewer line, hair buildup in shower drains, or even a combination of a number of these motives. When it is a set of small blockages, then these may create one massive (and very problematic) blockage over time and may even burst your pipes.

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