Four Reasons Your Air Conditioner Will Not Work

July 16, 2021
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Jet Plumbers

Air conditioner problems are a nuisance, but in the summertime they become more than a hassle. Case in point: the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning to Los Angeles county lately. According to their report,"Dangerous warning level heat is anticipated today through Saturday, when high temperatures involving one hundred and
One and five hundred and ten degrees will be likely for many interior sections."

One hundred. And ten. Degrees. Temperatures shouldn't have that many digits in them. You are going to want your air conditioner, badly. When it's suddenly ceased functioning, you're likely frantically looking for ways to stay cool before you get cooked. Do not quit yet! Usually, as soon as an air conditioner stops working, there's a very simple reason why and an even more easy fix. Before you commit to that log cabin in Alaska, see whether any of those four super frequent problems is your culprit.

Thermostat Malfunction

If your air conditioner won't start at all, this is the first area you need to check. If your furnace has ceased functioning, your air conditioner will not turn on if there is not anything wrong with it! First, just place the thermostat to the right temperature and placing. If you want to examine it, set it for a low temperature, so the AC unit will start straight away. Ensure that you set it to"cool" rather than"warmth"!

If this doesn't work, either replace the thermostat's batteries or look for a dedicated thermostat or AC switch on your own circuit breaker. A blown fuse may deactivate your thermostat or your air conditioner unit , especially if there was a storm recently.

Flipped Alter

Following thermostat complications, the most likely explanation for an air conditioner unit that won't turn on is… you haven't switched it on! Based on your house's setup and the model of your apparatus, there could be a couple different"off" switches controlling electricity distribution to your air conditioner. If someone accidentally flipped either of them, then your air conditioner won't activate regardless of the thermostat's atmosphere or its state of repair.

First, start looking for an emergency shut-off switch near the external condenser unit. This switch is usually housed in a metal box to protect it from the components. Ensure that you flip the switch"on". Then start looking for a normal-looking electric switch near your HVAC unit. Your air conditioner might connect to one of those switches, just like your furnace probably is. If you find a switch and you do not understand what it does, then turn it on and try running the AC.

Clogged Filter

This could be the problem if your air conditioner won't turn , but it is more probable if it runs but doesn't cool. It's easy to forget to replace or clean your HVAC air filters. Your air filter is within your property, usually near the return air duct or mill compartment.

Air filters work by"catching" dirt, dust, and other contaminants in your home's atmosphere as the HVAC cycles the atmosphere through it. With time, air filters become clogged with all the contaminants they're catching. Clogs reduce effectiveness and might eventually result in an airflow issue. If the AC will not work properly, among the first things you should check is your air filter.

Dirty Condenser

The air condenser unit is your box-shaped air conditioner unit outside your home. This unit contains the air compressors, cooling fins, air transfer tubes, and fan. The fan blows air to the unit and through the cooling fins. The compressor includes a special coolant it applies to the cooling fins and tubes. Air cools as it passes by the cooling fans then enters the vents throughout the tubes.

As your condensers' fan sucks in air, it might also pull arbitrary outdoor materials on the device. This material becomes lodged in the condenser fins, where it blocks airflow just like it would on the air filter. Turn off the power to the condenser unit and thoroughly wash it. Start with the condenser fins and work your way into the interior unit. Be careful not to damage anything within the condenser as you're cleaning.

If you have tried all those quick fixes along with your own air conditioner still won't function, it's likely because there's a more significant problem with either your condenser unit or your venting system Arvada. If that's true, Give Jet Plumbers Arvada Colorado a Call ASAP and we could get it working again fast. Stay cool!