March 11, 2022
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Jet Plumbers

Ask 10 homeowners what their greatest plumbing-related anxiety is, and 9 out of 10 will say exactly the same thing: sewage back-up. Plumbing emergencies are scary enough when they do not require human waste. Unfortunately (and we hate to be the bearer of the news here)… sometimes they do.

Fortunately, the really scary plumbing issues also have a tendency to be relatively easy to prevent. The perfect way to avoid sewage back-up is to learn why it occurs in the first location. To begin with, you learn what to avoid, and then… you avoid it! That being said, many sewage problems happen for one of 3 reasons. Especially, these three reasons:

Tree roots

This is especially relevant for California residents such as us. Trees require moisture to flourish. If their accessibility to moisture is limited (due to, say, a drought), then trees have been in trouble. When trees are hungry, they'll begin searching for water everywhere they can get it--for example your sewer line.

Do not think you're safe just because you don't have trees throughout your yard, either. Roots can travel much. In reality, your sewage back-up could have happened due to wandering roots out of the neighbor's trees! Routine inspections and maintenance are the simplest methods to keep your house safe from tree roots.


This is the most frequent reason for sewage back-up. You'd not believe the things people try to flush their toilets. Many of these things (obviously) really don't belong in a toilet. Paper towels, dirt, dearly-departed goldfish--you name it. The issue is, when you flush down things your toilet your pipes can't handle, your pipes… can't handle it. That's how clogs happen.

In the event that you only detect one fixture flushing, that means the clog is most likely restricted to a singular set of pipes. That is good news! If you become aware of sewage backup in fixtures all over your home, yet, then the clog is in your main sewer line. That's a serious problem, and one which you'll need expert assistance to repair. Before that happens, however, you need to try to avoid sewer clogs at the first place. Watch what you flush, never pour hot grease drains down, and make use of your garbage disposal!

A busted sewer line

Nothing lasts forever, which contains your sewer line. Based on the age of your home, your sewer lines could be assembled of outdated material. Nowadays most sewer lines are created from long-lasting, heavy-duty plastic stuff. That was not necessarily the case.

Older homes tend to have cast clay or iron piping. These materials may disintegrate and wear over time until they crack or even collapse. Whenever your sewer lines slips, the sewage it processes does not have anyplace to go; therefore it comes back up. If you're concerned about your sewer line, you can have it professionally inspected any moment. Pros can figure out what your line is made of and catch issues before they inflict serious harm.

If you can prevent these three issues, you should have the ability to avoid sewage back-up. You will… need to do this. Should you need help cutting away tree roots, clearing clogs, or inspecting your sewer line in Arvada, let us know.

And when the worst occurs and things get… cluttered, you'll get in touch straight away. No matter your sewer line needs, Jet Plumbers Arvada Colorado has you covered. That's what we're here for, even if it's gross.