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When using your garbage disposal unit, does the old cartoon, Flinstones, ever cross your mind? In the Flinstones, a cartoon done in a prehistoric setting, there was a creature called the Pigasaurus whose job was to lie beneath the sink and consume all the kitchen waste. All Wilma or Fred had to do was dump food down the drain, and the creature would gobble it all up. Well, a garbage disposal works in a similar manner. Below are garbage installation FAQs to shed light on everything you need to know about your garbage disposal.

What Is The Use Of The Disposal Unit?

The garbage disposal unit is an electrically powered home appliance. Like the Flinstones' Pigasaurus, it is located just beneath the kitchen sink. The disposal unit is installed between the drain and trap of the sink. The disposal unit aims to shred the waste put in it into minute bits that are tiny enough to pass through the pipes. Anyone who is tasked with cleaning up after meals can bear witness to the benefits of having a modern garbage disposal appliance.

The difference between current garbage disposal appliances and the Flinstones' Pigasaurus is that your modern disposal unit won't belch loudly after disposing of your waste.

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Who Is The Mastermind Behind The Garbage Disposal Unit?

A gentleman born in 1927 hailing from Racine, Wisconsin, is the genius behind the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal appliance started selling in 1940, even though it was patented in 1933. Between 1930 and late 1940s, people were prohibited from dumping food waste into their kitchen sinks by the municipality because it caused immense damage to the pipes. The InSinkErator played a significant role in convincing several municipalities to do away with the regulations.

Why Is A Garbage Disposal Unit Important?

Garbage disposals are the new normal. They are so cheap to buy and install that it is senseless to tolerate a smelly garbage can full of decomposing waste anymore. A disposal unit enables you to clean up your kitchen more efficiently. It also prevents your kitchen from being infested by mice, insects, and other vermin.

Disposal units have become a standard issue in kitchen remodels and the construction of new homes. Jet Plumbers offers professional garbage disposal installation. Call us if your kitchen needs remodeling.

What Is The Life Span Of A Garbage Disposal Unit?

Normally, a disposal unit should last around ten years before the unit's blades become too blunt to operate efficiently or the motor stops working. Most disposal units last between 8-15 years. The lifespan of your garbage disposal is determined by how regularly you use and maintain it.

What Practices Should I Employ To Maintain My Garbage Disposal Unit?

First and foremost, you should NEVER put non-biodegradable waste matter like plastics, metals, or bones because they tend to wear out the blades. You should avoid dumping non-biodegradable waste in disposal units at all costs. Disposal units should only process biodegradable waste or food. Celery(whose strings get caught in the blades) and banana peels (which are too thick) also tend to cause blockages and clogs.

What Are The Indications That My Garbage Disposal Unit Needs A Replacement?

Your garbage disposal is in good shape if it runs silently while disposing of whatever waste you throw in it. However, if a terrible smell emanates from your kitchen sink or the unit is not grinding while turned on, there might be an issue.

  • The Unit Is Turned On But It Is Eerily Silent - First of all, do not stick your hand down the disposal unit to confirm if the blades are in motion. An unpleasant surprise might be awaiting you! Don't let the unit's silence fool you. We would suggest that you first ensure that the disposal unit is plugged in. Once you have confirmed this, press the red reset button, which is usually found at the disposal unit's bottom.

    If nothing happens after pressing the reset button, confirm that your circuit breaker hasn't tripped. If you have pressed the reset button and verified that your circuit breakers are fine, but the disposal unit is still not working, then it might be broken. In such a situation, we advise you to consider replacing your garbage disposal appliance because it could be damaged altogether. If replacing the unit is not an option, you can dismantle it and fix it if you are a well-trained electrician.
  • The Garbage Disposal Unit Is Leaking - Assume your garbage disposal unit is leaking water or any other liquid. In such circumstances, it could mean that you need to make serious or simple repairs. Before checking anywhere else for a leak, look at the sink flange or, in simpler terms, the sink's drain. The leakages might be due to the rings not being tight enough. Or the plumber used a low-quality putty, which may need to be reapplied.

    A more complex scenario may emerge when the disposal units get an actual hole. A hole in the garbage disposals may result from a sharp object like an extremely sharp bone or a knife getting stuck in the unit. Holes and cracks in garbage disposals often occur in the older models.

    Leakages can also emerge at the connection of the dishwasher or the drainpipe's discharge point. To rectify this, the clamp at the connection of the dishwasher may need tightening. Also, the drainpipe's bolts may need to be screwed up tightly.

    However, these types of leakages need to be handled by an experienced professional. They have the right tools and technical know-how. We recommend that you get in touch with Jet Plumbers for any issues with your garbage disposal unit.
  • Garbage Disposal Unit Reeks - If you can't seem to do away with that disgusting smell or odor emanating from your garbage disposal unit, then you might need to replace it. With the continued use of your garbage disposal, the unit's blades get blunt over time. Dull blades mean your disposal unit won't be able to operate efficiently. As you keep on disposing of waste, some waste components keep getting stuck in the blades.

    The unpleasant smell starts emanating from your disposal unit once the trapped waste starts decomposing. Initially, the smell wasn't so bad and could be eliminated by some slices of lemon. With time the lemon slices became ineffective, and you couldn't help noticing the unpleasant smell every time you went home. In this case, replacing some parts of the disposal unit might be pointless. You need to install a new garbage disposal, and that's where we (Jet Plumbers) come in. Call Jet Plumbers, and we can help get your home fitted with a brand new disposal unit.
  • A Jammed Garbage Disposal Unit - Your disposal unit might be jammed if it makes a weird humming noise. A well-functioning garbage disposal unit should make a subtle roar-like sound instead of a mild hum. Fixing a jammed garbage disposal depends on the brand in question. Each brand is unique, and some functionalities could be different.

    Current garbage disposals do not require a qualified technician to unjam like was the case before. It is safe to do it yourself. There is a small slot under the disposal unit, which comes with a tiny matching wrench. If you have misplaced the disposal unit's original wrench, contact the store where you made the purchase to get a replacement. The replacement goes for as little as 3-5 dollars. Get a spare wrench while you are at it.

    Insert the garbage disposal unit's wrench through the unit's drain hole until you can feel the disposal unit's bottom. Try turning the wrench slightly until it locks with the unit's shredder plate. Turn the wrench in a back and forth motion until the shredder plate starts rotating. Remove the wrench from the garbage disposal once the shredder plate is moving freely. Run some cold water through the disposal unit then turn on the disposal unit. The running water washes away any debris present. Be careful while doing this.
  • A Slow Draining Garbage Disposal Unit - Your garbage disposal unit might be plugged with food, liquid, or other debris if it takes too much time to drain or rid itself of the garbage.

    WARNING!!! DO NOT put your hands down the disposal unit's drain to check if anything is stuck in the blades. You risk having your hand or fingers severed by the extremely sharp blades. And, if you have to put your arm in the disposal's drain, ensure the unit is turned off!

    Instead of putting your hands at the mercy of the blades, we suggest you hire a professional drain cleaner or use baking soda and vinegar to remove the blockage. If the blockage persists, call Jet Plumbers. We have a vast knowledge of disconnecting the drain trap and handling any type of blockage or obstruction. Our highly trained plumbers are well equipped with the latest tools for clearing and unblocking clogged garbage disposal drains.

How Much Will Having My Garbage Disposal Uint Installed By Professionals Cost?

Jet Plumbers offers replacement services for garbage disposals as well as first-time installation services. Whether you are installing or replacing a disposal unit, parts from Jet Plumbers will cost you between $70-$650. The labor costs lie between $190-$390$, depending on the amount of work.

There are numerous DIY videos out there that show you how to install a garbage disposal unit by yourself. Although the videos may tell you otherwise, it is not as simple plumbing task. We at Jet Plumbers recommend that you employ the services of an experienced and licensed plumber. Several things may go amiss during the installation of a garbage disposal unit. For starters, you risk tampering with your home's plumbing system. Secondly, you might mess up your homestead's electrical connection if you interfere with the circuit breakers.

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Since Jet Plumbers began operations in Arvada, CO, back in 2015, we have replaced and installed garbage disposals by the thousands. If you need someone to work on your garbage disposal unit, our technicians at Jet Plumbers will be happy to help you out.

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