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That incessant dripping throughout the night is not letting you get much sleep, is it? It keeps you tossing and turning through the night until the moment you have to get up. Naturally it will be no concern throughout the day, but by the time you are ready for bed… drip, drip, drip.

If you are reading this notice at 3:00AM, don’t fret too much. Just throw an old towel under the sink and try to get back to sleep. In the morning you can call Jet Plumbers in Arvada and we will handle that pesky leak.

Where Is My Water Leak Hiding?

Most faucet leaks are pretty easy to notice as they can be especially intrusive and especially annoying. The truth is that most leaks can escape out attention because they are safely sequestered behind walls and beneath the floorboards. These hidden leaks can make themselves apparent soon enough when the tell-tales signs of water moisture begin to appear on ceilings, carpets, walls. Mold and mildew growth will soon follow and the final catastrophe can be the collapse of wooden foundations.

Did you know that the single highest cost for insurance agencies is water damage caused by broken and leaky pipes? It only takes the smallest pinhole leak in the right water supply pipe to cause you heartache and misery in no time at all. At the first sign you find a water leak, it needs to be addressed. Shut off the water supply to the house and THEN call in the professionals who can deliver a good solution. If you aren’t sure how to shut off the water to your home, here is a simple “how-to” in a blog on our website.

What Are Some Other Signs I Have a Water Leak?

Be on the lookout for a considerable drop in water pressure in your kitchen or bathroom. This could be a sign that a leak is forming and you may have a few gallons of water soaking into your homes structural materials. Once the symptoms of this issue have been well established, like wet drywall, strange sounds or a diminished water pressure are noticed, it is time for the homeowner to take immediate action.

Leak Repair Arvada CO

Where Can I Be on The Lookout for Leaks?


Your toilet can have a worn flapper or fill valve as well as other small mechanical issues that stem from the regular wear and tear of your toilet from regular use. When the flapper is no longer in good conditions or functioning properly, water can drain constantly through your toilet bowl to the drains. If you are not sure if this is happening, you can verify this with just a few drops of food coloring. Drop them in the toilet reservoir and see if the coloring enters the toilet. If it does you have positively confirmed a leak.

If your toilet’s flanges are not in proper conditions, you can find raw sewage leaking into your home and floorboards. This will appear like brown water staining the outside of the toilet. This is not a mess to handle with your average mop and bucket. Sewage carries pathogens that can adversely affect the health. It is important to get professional help.


The copper pipes that bring water into your home can spring small leaks. Because this usually happens beneath the sink or within a cabinet, it may not be discovered for days. Make sure you regularly check the supply lines to your sinks and drain pipes for any signs of moisture. Also, check the bottoms of cabinets and bathrooms vanities for signs of water soaked wood.

Around Water Heaters:

Water tanks have a service life of between 7 and 10 years with good service and maintenance. As they get older, there are some parts within that will begin to war out first. The thermostats, anode rods and heating elements are typically the first to break down. Without proper care and regular replacements, these water heaters can begin to have small problems. Once a leak has begun in a water heater or boiler, only professional attention will set things right.


Water supply lines typically run beneath the concrete slabs of your home. If these pipes begin to leak they will start deteriorating the substructure of your home's foundation. This can lead to sinkholes in different spots, cracked floors and sinking walls. Keep on the alert for these signs of damage. Be sure to check the yard too, if you notice the weeds and grass are especially vibrant in one area, you may be watering it excessively without knowing. This is a sign of sewage line leaks and needs to be addressed promptly.

Water leaks will not be repaired on their own. This is why the local plumbing experts at Jet Plumbers have been stopping up leaks since 2015. There is no escaping the fact that all homes will experience this type of issue at some point. But, regardless of the cause, location or nature of your leaks, we have a solution. Call 720-538-9961 today and get in touch with Arvada’s local experts in water leaks.