Water Line Repair Arvada CO

All plumbing installation, whether residential or commercial, consists of a series of "water lines." Some of these are supply lines which provide fresh water from a well or a city connection while others are waste lines, used to drain "gray" or contaminated wastewater from your home or business.

Despite their differences, at some point, all these plumbing lines will need a water line repair in Arvada.

Why Do Copper Water Lines Need Repair?

Copper water supply pipes are corrosion-resistant and also naturally anti-microbial. However, it is worth noting that there is a difference between being corrosion-resistant and being corrosion-proof. If your home or business is an area that receives hard water, corrosion can occur inside the pipes where the lining has been stripped off by the mineral-rich water supply. This occurs when mineral deposits in the water graze against the copper pipe lining leaving small, scratched areas. These scratched areas then begin to corrode from the inside out. This corrosion leaves behind tiny "pinhole leaks."

Water Line Repair Arvada CO

A single pinhole leak won't spell doom for your plumbing system, as it only requires an easy fix. However, if you find yourself constantly scheduling water line repair in Arvada for your copper water supply lines, then it may be time to consider re-piping your lines.

PEX Pipe Is A More Affordable Alternative

PEX pipe is the other suitable option when it comes to water supply lines. This pipe is made of high-density polypropylene plastic. Not only is it highly flexible and easy to install, but it also non-corrosive. In addition, it doesn't burst in extremely low temperatures, and compared to copper, it is much more durable. PEX pipe has an expected life expectancy of over 50 years.

The only notable disadvantage of the PEX pipe is that it can't be installed outside. This is mainly because it has a high risk of breaking down when exposed to sunlight, and if the pipe fittings are not installed correctly, it can lead to serious leaks later on. Even though PEX pipes aren't prone to rust, these pipes often leach plastic by-products into the water, which causes the water to have an unusual taste. Thanks to the soft and pliable nature of PEX, thirsty rats can easily chew through the pipes.

How To Know If Your Water Pipes Are In Need Of Repairs?

There are numerous signs that you need to look out for to determine whether you are in need of water line repair in Arvada; for instance, reduced water pressure could be an indication of a supply line leak. Damp ceilings, floors, and sheetrock could be a sign of a leaky sewer main or leaky drain. Sinkholes and water pools in your yard could be indicative of leakage in either your main supply or sewer beneath your foundation.

All of the above telltale signs require the attention of experienced plumbing professionals. They can effectively diagnose and fix any plumbing issue. Water lines repair isn't something that you should undertake as a DIY project. Furthermore, the law in the State of Texas requires that only a licensed plumber can carry out such tasks.

What Should I Do If I Need Water Line Repair?

Immediately contact a professional plumbing service that can diagnose and repair the water line leak. Jet Plumbers Arvada have been assisting clients with plumbing issues in Arvada since 2015. They are renowned for their expertise and quality of service.

If you are in need of any water line repair in Arvada, get in touch with the licensed and experienced plumbing professionals at Jet Plumbers today.

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