February 4, 2022
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Jet Plumbers

Why is your toilet running? Well, maybe it signed up for a 5k! Ha! Ha… ha? Bad jokes aside, a working toilet is one of the most perpetually annoying plumbing issues a homeowner can face. Luckily, the solution to a running toilet is much more simple.

Toilets work the same way they have for almost always. When you push down the handle, water fills the tank. That water lifts a float, and that turns the water off as soon as the float rises to a certain level. If you depress the handle of the bathroom, a lever attached to it opens the flapper inside the tank. After the flapper opens, it shows a hole leading to the bowl and activates the flush.

The issues that occur in this process are the same for quite a while, too. Most of these problems -- such as the infamous running toilet -- can be solved immediately. Just try these four steps:

Assess the fill tube

Take the top from the tank and find the tube. It appears like a small, flexible tube that connects the fill valve and overflow tube. Can it be attached correctly? If not, be certain to reattach it. If the fill bathtub is not where it should be, it may result in weak flows and constantly running water.

Fix the fill height

Assess the float. Adjust it to set the water level properly. If it's too low, the flush will be too feeble. If it's too high, water will melt into the overflow tube. When that occurs, the valve will not shut off, leading to a continuously running toilet. There should be a mark on the inside of the toilet tank telling you in which the float needs to be to keep the bathroom working correctly.

Adjust the flush handle or flapper as needed

The very last thing which may lead to a running bathroom is an issue with the flush handle and flapper chain. If the flapper's chain is too brief or it gets tangled, the flapper will not shut and the toilet will cycle endlessly.

You want the string to be somewhat slack when closed without any excess. Check to make sure it appears right while you're looking into everything is. If the chain appears too feeble or too tight, then adjusting it is easy.

Get the flapper substituted

If you've done everything else here and you are still having troubles, it is probably time to replace your flapper. If you are a certain DIY plumber, you can do this yourself, however we recommend calling pros into take care of this (which means you can avoid any possible flooding or breakage).

Speaking of experts -- the trained staff at Jet Plumbers Arvada Colorado is always happy to help with any of your home plumbing problems Arvada. Adding"grabbing" your working toilet.