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Your water heater has heated your shower and bath water, cleaned your clothes, and washed countless dirty dishes, but the time has come to invest in a new one. Regardless of whether you own a modern tankless one or one of the more traditional tank heaters, the only place you should consider is Jet Plumbers Arvada when it comes to replacing and installing a new model. If you are unsure about the various types of water heaters or how much an installation service costs, here is all the information you will be needing.

Different Types Of Water Heaters

Traditional tank heaters are available in various sizes from 23 smaller gallons up to 80 gallons. These tanks are usually made from cast iron. Here at Jet Plumbers, we stock both electric-powered and gas models. The traditional water tanks are sizeable, meaning they take up a lot of space. Whether you decide to install your water heater in your laundry area or a furnace, these models occupy a large space in your home. They also provide more than enough heated water to accommodate an entire household's hot water requirements.

The tankless water heaters are higher-efficiency and smaller-sized versions. We also stock this model type in electric or gas versions. These water heaters are similar in size to a compact suitcase and fit easily to either a wall on the inside or outside of your home. These water heaters provide hot water as you need it, and typically outlast the traditional water tanks.

The tankless water heater does not require consistent temperature maintenance in order to guarantee a supply of hot water. These heaters only supply hot water when you need it, unlike the storage-tank water heater that requires the water to be heated continuously inside the tank

Water Heater Installation Arvada CO

The tankless versions of water heaters do cost a bit more to buy and install. However, the efficiency and energy savings you will achieve, especially for busier households tend to add up fast.

What Are The Costs Involved To Have A Water Heater Installed By A Professional Plumber?

The costs involved to install water heaters vary greatly and will mainly depend on the model and make you have selected. Here at Jet Plumbers, the prices range from $800.00 to $8.500.00. These costs are inclusive of your water heater. The electric versions of water heaters range from $800.00 to $1.800.00 in price. In comparison, the tankless versions range from $4.000.00 to $8.500.00.

Can I Install My Own Water Heater?

Unless you happen to be a licensed professional, any water heater should only be installed and connected by a plumber that has the license to do so. The laws in Colorado since 2007 requires plumbing permits to install and replace water heaters. This is a permit that requires that only licensed plumbers are allowed to install water heaters to comply with the State of Colorado with all local municipality plumbing codes.

If you have chosen to install your own water heater, you are permitted to do so, as long as you are the owner of your residential home. It is possible to purchase water heaters through big box stores like Home Depot or Lowe's and then follow the online installation guide.

However, the Colorado laws will require that your water heater has been inspected by a plumber that is licensed, to ensure and confirm that your water heater was installed properly. A licensed plumber can also confirm that your water heater is operating safely and correctly and it does not pose a hazard or risk. Countless things may go wrong if the water heater was not installed correctly.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Install A Water Heater From Home Depot?

Most of the water heaters available through big box stores like Lowe's or Home Depot cost between $1.500 to $5.000. In most cases, this will include your water heater, removing your old one, the cost of a plumbing permit, the costs involved to make sure the plumbing connections are in line with the code, the warranty length, and any additional special features and energy-efficiency certification on your new unit.

If you have decided to buy your water heater from one of the big box stores, install the unit yourself, followed by having it inspected by a licensed plumber. Keep in mind that you are not purchasing a product that is professional-grade like the models we sell and install at Jet Plumbers. You will also not be offered with our excellent customer service or our knowledgeable staff who have helped our company to expand and keep growing over the last 40 years.

How Will I Know When To Install A New Water Heater?

Even when you think your existing water heater is relatively new, it is always a better option to install a new model before allowing something to go wrong. At Jet Plumbers, we know that the typical lifespan of traditional gas or electric heaters is around 10 years, and 20 years for tankless water heaters if they have been properly maintained. If you are not sure about the age of your water heater, it is easy to find out by checking on your serial number which is usually on the manufacturer's sticker close to the top. The first 2 numbers usually indicate when your water heater was manufactured.

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to gain a few more years out of their heaters, that extends past their "best before date". Here are a few of the common telltale signs that your water heater is on its way out, and that you should think about replacing it.

When the water that comes out the pipes is no longer clear, meaning your water has become rusty. This is usually a sign that the water heater is starting to rust. To check if the water is rusty, fill up 3 to 4 five-gallon buckets containing only hot water. It is usually advisable to invest in a new water heater tank if you find that the water is rusty. If the cold water tap produces rusty water, then the issue may be inside your pipes.

Another common sign that you may need a new water heater is when your hot or warm shower ends in cold and sharp blasts of water. This is perhaps a more common signal that a hot-water tank is about to fail. These sudden blasts of cold water typically have to do with hard water that has caused sediment to start building up in your tank. This sediment starts taking up space where your heated water used to go. Over time, the space that once stored hot water starts to run out. Each time you take a shower, you can never be sure when the hot water will run out, followed by blasts of cold water.

As a water heater starts to age, sediment caused by hard water accumulates along the bottom of the tank. As the water inside the heater is heated and reheated, this sediment starts to expand and even starts to make a noise. These sounds often include either a rumbling or banging noise. Regardless of the noise it makes, when water heaters start making strange sounds, it is usually an indication that you will need a new one soon.

If rusty water and noises have still not grabbed your attention, then maybe a leak will get you to notice. It might start with a couple of drips, or the tank may even burst or rip open, allowing water to gush out all over your floors. This is one of the most obvious signs of a failing water heater, and hopefully, it does not cause a significant amount of damages before you do something about it.

Important Considerations Before Installing A New Water Heater

Finding and then installing a water heater involves more than just heading to a big box store or going online to choose the one that looks the nicest. Whether you decide on a traditional or tankless model, choosing the right model for you and your home can result in significant long-term benefits, which include long-lasting heating capabilities and reduced energy bills. There are 3 essential factors you need to take into consideration before you invest in a water heater.

Consider What You Need

Every household requires hot water for day-to-day activities such as laundry, cleaning dishes, and taking a shower or bath. But it is also important to account for the number of fixtures that you have in your home. You also need to think about the size of your family and each person's needs when it comes to hot water. From here, you can start thinking about what you need from a water heater, making it easier to choose just the right one.

What Type Of Water Heater Are You Interested In?

Today, the market has many options to choose from. Here at Jet Plumbers, we provide tankless, gas, and electric water heaters. Each type comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Your needs and the water heater size will, in most cases, go hand-in-hand. Before you choose the appropriate water heater, here at Jet Plumbers, we will first inspect your house and take measurements to help you decide on the tank type that matches up to your available space. If you choose the wrong sized tank, it could lead to a host of unnecessary problems.

Water Heater Installation Arvada CO

Your water heater has always been around, and you never take notice of how important it is until it fails. But when it stops working and you have to think about taking cold showers or washing your dishes in cold water, you may start to wonder why you failed to maintain and care for it.

This is where we come in. At Jet Plumbers, we can give you expert advice on choosing and installing your new unit. We are also here to service and maintain your tankless or tank model to ensure you achieve optimal use. This will ensure that your showers always remain hot and there are no interruptions when it comes to washing your dishes and your laundry.