Heater Issues And Who Do You Call To Fix A Water Heater

June 6, 2022
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Michael McCullers

Water heaters are the most used gadget in day-to-day life, but they are often forgotten. It only comes to mind when it's not working properly and needs repair service. A problematic water heater directly affects your everyday tasks like bathing, washing, etc.

A water heater that is not working properly leaves you clueless. You may prefer to pile up unwashed clothes and dishes rather than wash them with cold water. So, the point when you face hot water heater problems becomes your primary concern.

The question is, what is the most efficient approach to complete the necessary repair work and who do you call to fix the water heater? Is it best to consult a plumber? Should you instead hire an electrician? Or is it possible to do any hot water heater repair on your own?

Follow our guide to learn more about common water heater problems and water heater repair services.

Your Type OF Water Heater And Possible Problems

Before choosing a repair method, you first need to understand a few things. Your possible water heater problems and your water heater type will help you decide on the best water heater repair method.

Picture Of A Water Heater With Pipes

Why Your Water Heater Stopped Working?

There are many reasons that might make your water heater stop working. However, the most common water heater issues that many homeowners found over the time are:

Water Pressure

Water pressure can make water heaters stop working. Both high pressure and low pressure can affect the heating element of water heaters. It puts the water heater to a halt.

They are often caused by loose parts, and in most cases, repairs are pretty quick and inexpensive. But repairing a compromised tank can be quite expensive.

Thermostat Problems

Malfunction of the thermostat can be another reason. However, as it's an electrical instrument, it is less likely to be damaged than other parts of the water heater. Heating element failure often causes this malfunction.

TPR Valve

The temperature and the pressure relief valves are critical as it regulates heat and pressure. The water heater may explode if it does not work correctly.

We recommend you get your TPR valve checked by an expert to avoid further problems in the future.

Pilot Light or Electronic Ignition

Problems with electric ignition or pilot light can be a reason behind a non-functioning water heater. Cleaning the sensors is quick to process and cheap. However, if the problem is caused by a faulty gas line or in terms of leakage, it can be costly.

Electric water heaters and Gas water heaters both face different types of problems. The water heater type and the problem it faces will decide what kind of help you need, whether it's an electrician or a plumber.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters can cause many types of problems. However, it has plenty of safety features included in it. This makes sure that your valuable electric water heater doesn't face any permanent damage.

IF you have an electric water heater, the possible issues you might face include:

  • Fuse or circuit breaker problems
  • An issue with heating elements
  • Thermostat
  • Faulty hot water and cold water connection

Electric water heaters are very efficient. The problems it faces are primarily because of electrical faults. With proper knowledge, it can be easily avoided.

Gas Water Heater

The gas water heater uses natural gas to operate. But it is not must efficient as compared to electric ones. However, they are pretty inexpensive to maintain and release some waste into the environment. So faulty gas water heater can lead to natural energy wastage.

Common problems found in gas water heaters:

  • Leakage in water and gas lines
  • Gas valve issues
  • Thermocouple problems
  • Pilot light malfunction
  • Overheating

They can cause problems if not properly maintained. Once a year, maintenance is recommended by us.

Different situations need different kinds of service. Sometimes you need a plumbing solution, and sometimes it's electrical. We, Jet Plumbers Plumbing company, are famous for our reasonable cost water heater repairs. Our expert workers provide every kind of water heater repair work, whether it is an electrical or plumbing emergency.

Water Heater Repair Service By Plumbers

Water heaters are quite complicated to repair. The hot Water heater, which is very old, is sometimes beyond repair. Either they are extremely hard to fix or totally unable to repair. You need to replace the unit and consider a new water heater installation in this case.

Plumber Repairing A Water Heater

You need to hire a licensed plumber from a plumbing com for a water heater repair workspace. They can help you with hot water heater repairs and new water heater installation. Some other everyday situations where you should contact plumbing service:

  • Rusty water coming from your water heater
  • Hot water pressure schedule fluctuation
  • Water heater with malfunctioning pilot light and won't stay lit
  • Strange noises coming from the central hot water heater box
  • Tankless water heaters and tank water heaters installation
  • No hot water supply or any water supply
  • Replace piping of tankless water heaters and tank water heater
  • Issues with tank leaking, cooling, piping

Licensed plumbers from any plumbing service can fix all these common water heater repair works. If your hot water heater problem seems to be a plumbing issue, you should definitely contact a licensed plumber.

Water Heater Repair Service By Electricians

If you own an electric water heater, you might face some different kinds of problems that might need the help of an electrician. There are some specific situations where you should demand a licensed electrician over plumbers. These situations are:

  • You have a continuous circuit breaker problem
  • Your fuse box is always heated, and issues with anode rods
  • Frequent reset tripping, which might be caused by loose wiring
  • The hot water heater is not getting enough electric supply

These are some common issues. Obviously, these problems are electrical, and plumbers from plumbing services won't be any help. They should only be repaired by an electrician who is good at finding and repairing electrical issues. An expert plumber from a renowned plumbing service will ensure a quality fix.

Can You Do Repairs By Yourself?

Some questions may pop up in your mind, like "Do I always need a professional service from an electrician or a plumber?" or" I can do it by myself. " Let us make this clear for you.

Water heaters are complex gadgets. They are not easy to repair. However, some other problems are not directly related to hot water heaters but can be problematic for water heaters. There are common leaking problems you can do, but you shouldn't go any further.

Hot water heater repair is a job that should only be done by professionals. Jet Plumbers is the number one voted plumbing company in Arvada, Colorado. We have a dedicated trained plumber for water heater repair. The expert plumber from us provides 24-hour emergency same-day service at a friendly cost. Contact at 720-538-9961 to schedule service today with a free estimate!

Final Thoughts

Hot water heaters are an essential part of your daily life. It would be best if you took good care of it. Insufficient hot water supply or temperature fluctuation is the first sign that your water heater is not working correctly.

If you monitor any problem in your water heater, you should first call an expert plumber. A plumber will inspect your whole water heater and can easily detect your problem. However, some issues do not require plumbing solutions from the plumber. Instead, these problems need solutions from an electrician in competitive pricing.