March 4, 2022
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A sump pump is the thing that stands between your house and the forces of nature. The sump pump under your basement, crawl space or lowest level hastens groundwater and diverts it safely away from your home. With no sump pump, then that groundwater could readily build up and flood through your foundation. Flooding is damaging, costly, and dangerous, which means that your sump pump is an essential element of home safety. Making sure it functions correctly is an important home safety maintenance task.

To maintain your sump pump functioning correctly, you'll have to clean it semi-regularly. Fortunately, this is an easy and quick DIY pipes chore. We are going to help! This can be our sump pump cleanup step-by-step pattern. Pull out this walkthrough whenever you are cleaning your sump pump, and you'll do it right every time:

Gather the supplies you will need.

Catch a sheet of plastic sheeting, a scratching tool, a huge bucket, a garden hose, and a shop vac.

Make sure your water is off.

Technically you don't need to flip off all the water in your home. Turn off water in any place in which a fixture drains right into the sump pump, such as the washing machine. If you can not switch off the water, then be sure nobody's using fixtures while you're working on the pump. Make sure you never try to clean your sump pump on a rainy day. Choose a time when you are certain water won't drain from the pump while you're trying to wash it.

Disconnect power.

This is usually as simple as unplugging it from a cellar outlet. You might also switch off the circuit providing power to the pump in the breaker directly.

Wrap your pump at a plastic sheet.

Try to remove the pump from the pit without allowing it create a mess all over the ground. Sludge and dirt might be caked on the pump, so you ought to carry it outside to wash it completely.
Wash the pump.

Utilize your garden hose to wash the pump off. When the initial layer of dirt is removed, you should start scraping with your own tool. It doesn't matter what that tool actually is as long as it can scrape anything off caked on. Wipe it with the hose for a final cleaning.

Drain the check valve in the sump pit.

Place your bucket beneath the present check valve where water would drain into the pump. Open it and let any existing water drain into your bucket for disposal.

Use the shop vac to remove leftover standing water.

Vacuum up any water which you still see within the base of the sump pit. This way when you reconnect the pump itself it's not going straight back into a messy pit.

Reconnect your pump.

Connect the pump back to the discharge pipe and check valve. Plug it back in. It'll be shiny, clean, and good to go.

Using a sump pump is a normal part of many homeowner's plumbing. In case you have one and want it checked out or do not have one and are interested in installation, give Jet Plumbers Arvada Colorado a call. We are always pleased to assist here in Colorado.